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Xener XIP (eXtended Intelligent PBX) is a feature-rich communication platform that helps enterprises to transform their networks into the next generation enterprise telephony environment.

The XIP features a broad range of IP-based applications to maximize corporate productivity and efficiency by establishing virtual, mobile and multimedia offices. Built upon SIP technology, which is designed to fully accommodate IP environment, the XIP can easily deploy packet-based applications such as multimedia communications and IM/PS-based services as well as unified messaging. The XIP also provides hundreds of telephony functions of legacy PBX system including voice conference call, call transfer, call pickup, call back and so on.

Using standard-compliant SIP protocol as open API, the XIP offers comprehensive interfaces to a multitude of networks such as IP, PSTN, WLAN and ATM network, supporting the broadest range of endpoint devices including IP phone, WiFi phone, softphone, web phone, smart phone and PT attendant. Additionally, the XIP supports seamless access to legacy PSTN network with integration of gateway devices.

The XIP is designed on scalable modular system architecture to support from 10 users up to 10,000 users in a single platform, allowing enterprise to take "pay-as-you-grow" migration strategy. Operating across virtually any LAN/WAN infrastructure, the XIP can be configured in a distributed networking environment with full feature transparency. Leveraging years of experience and expertise from the commercial carrier network deployment, the XIP offers extremely high availability and reliability. The XIP provides redundancy to enterprise IP telephony network at both system and network level with duplex architecture.

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