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Although the migration to packet-based telephony infrastructure is accelerating, interconnection to legacy networks remains critical to a smooth network migration. To leverage existing networks and services infrastructure, a full-featured SS7 solution that seamlessly integrates with newly-established packet solution is required.

As an important module in the Xener Softswitch (X-SSW), the Xener Signaling Gateway (X-SG) provides an integrated SS7 solution to deploy fully converged network. The X-SG is a robust SS7 signaling gateway that seamlessly interconnects the X-SSW based packet solutions with legacy SS7 networks within PSTN/PLMN environment. X-SG also provides INAP, MAP and WIN CAP support for X-SSW to deploy full integration with legacy SCP or HLR systems, as well as IETF International standard compliant SCTP and M3UA protocol support, which is developed on Xener's own technology.

The X-SG module provides a carrier-grade flexibility and scalability, scaling up to maximum of 256 links.

Feature Highlights

Field-Proven interoperability for domestic and international interworking
The X-SG supports international standard-compliant SIGTRAN protocol to provide robust interoperability with other domestic and international networks. Tested and deployed in dozens of commercial sites, the X-SG has proven its seamless interoperability with such various exchange systems as in domestic wireline network (TDX-10, Starex TX-1A, SDX-200 and etc.), wireless network (MSC SDX-200 and etc.), PBX and global network (AXE-10, 5ESS, S1240 and etc.).

Carrier-grade system reliability and availability
The X-SG is configured redundantly in either load sharing or active-standby, providing duplex architecture. As a single X-SG interworks with two STP systems, failure in one STP system is taken over by the other linked one, ensuring no loss of active calls upon switchover.

Scalability to meet diverse requirements
The X-SG provides scalable and flexible system configuration to support a wide variety of customer requirements. As an integral part of the X-SSW system, the X-SG can scale up from entry-level 16-link module to max 256-link module to meet the large network capacity

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