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In achieving seamless migration of traditional telecommunications networks towards Next Generation Networks (NGN), Xener's X-SSW Softswitch is at the heart. As a replacement for class 4 and 5 switches, X-SSW possesses the broadest range of features for handling core packet telephony protocols such as MGCP, Megaco/H.248, H.323 and SIP.

Since migration must occur in several stages, X-SSW Softswitch's versatility, advanced features and high performance allow for a smooth transition every step of the way. X-SSW can handle not only calls for basic and IN services but also calls based on diverse types of protocols, functioning as a hub to communicate with other external packet telephony networks.

Xener Softswitch is located at NOC (Network Operating Center): The current hardware configuration is providing maximum 60,000 BHCA (assuming average holding time of 180 seconds) 100BT interfaces. Capacity can be increased with additional hardware and software up to 5 million BHCA. Softswitch is capable to work as 1+1 Hot Standby back up through Local Area IP Network connection.

Modular Architecture
X-SSW's modular architecture gives operators the ability to select modules of system components such as H.323, MGCP, Megaco and SIP to be installed in successive stages. As a result, X-SSW's modular architecture guarantees flexible network configuration throughout an entire NGN migration plan.

Reliability - no single point of failure
Each modular component of X-SSW is designed with a redundant architecture such that if an active system fails, a standby system kicks in without any leakage. Thus, Xener's technology ensures proper call setup procedures and maintains connected calls without breakage.

Keep pace with scalability
As traffic increases on a network, operator can select targeted modular expansion. X-SSW allows operator to meet growing demands by selectively and gradually increasing the capacity as need arises.

Standard and interoperability
International standard protocols like H.323, MGCP, Megaco, SIP, SIGTRAN, CORBA, RADIUS, SNMP and others that Xener has implemented in its Softswitch are fully compatible with third party gateways, billing and legacy switch solutions.

Signaling Protocol
The following table describes signaling protocols that can be supported by proposed X-SSW.

Signaling Protocol Usage
ANSI ISUP ISUP Call signaling
ISUP Signaling interconnects with Signaling Gateway by the IETF Sigtran (SCTP,M3UA)
MGCP RFC2705 Inter-working with MGCP Media Gateway and Media Server
SIP RFC3261 Inter-working with SIP terminal and SIP trunk Gateway
SIGTRAN (SCTP,M3UA) Inter-working with Signaling gateway
SIP-T RFC3372 Inter-working with External SIP Server.
Inter-working with Other MGC/Softswitch (i.e. Inter-MGC).
H.323 ver4 Inter-working with H.323 GW
Inter-working with external Gateway or Softswitch

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